Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Country singer Clint Black to be on "The Celebrity Apprentice" for Rett Syndrome

Beginning on Sunday March 1, 9 PM (EST/PST) and 8 PM (CST/MST) Rett syndrome is going to be getting some national attention when country music superstar Clint Black will be playing for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation on the NBC show THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. Clint Black and his brother Kevin (who lost his daughter, Cortney, to Rett syndrome several years ago) have been outstanding advocates and fundraisers on behalf of IRSF over the last several years. IRSF has been so grateful to them for all their hard work and generous support on our behalf! Please stay tuned to the IRSF website to learn how you can leverage this exciting, high-profile exposure about Rett syndrome to raise even more awareness in your city. We will be providing you with a mini-"How-to" guide to talking to your local TV channels and newspapers about Rett syndrome. In the meantime, start spreading the word to friends and family and colleagues about THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE on NBC beginning March 1st.

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Vince said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo mouse cartoons!

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