Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is my big girl ready for her big girl bed?

Most nights Karlie sleeps very well in her new "big girl" bed but occasionally we find her in some pretty funny, yet worrisome positions. During the night, we put a gait across her doorway but any unsupervised time can be dangerous even in her bedroom. This is how i found her the first morning after she had slept in her new bed.
I think she rolls over in her sleep and her legs fall out of bed. Once she gets down on her knees, i don't think she's able to get back up into bed and lay down. This is a skill that's extremely hard for Karlie to manage while she's wide awake little lone half asleep.
Lately the weather here has been beautiful and we're very excited that tomorrow is the first day of Spring! We've been taking evening walks and Karlie loves being outside! Here's a pic from our walk yesterday. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Brandi and Andrew said...

Wow, that has to be uncomfortable! I hope she gets adjusted to staying and sleeping in her new bed. Cute picture of the girls!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Awwww....what a sweetie. I hope she gets the hang of it! Too cute though! Love the last picture of the girls too - I hope this nice weather is here to stay!!

Caitlyn said...

You know, I think Caitlyn did the same thing when we moved her into a toddler bed. We decided it was because she needed something bigger. Up until last summer, she slept on a twin matress on the floor. It worked great! Hope she gets more comfortable.

Riley and Family said...

That is a cute picture though! Hopefully she will figure it out soon!

abbysworld said...

Ok. Last time I checked was a while ago. I'm bad. looks like you need more bedrail. DOn't you just wanna go in and ask her where she thinks she's going?

Xazmin said...

What a beautiful daughter you have. I'm sorry for the struggles you are going through but admire your bravery and grace.

I will be checking back in!

L. x said...

Hi, Just wondering how Karlie is? Many hugs. Lori. xx

Angela said...

OMG, I'm so glad I found you again! She's so beautiful and getting so big! I'm adding a link to Simmi's site about her.
I miss you woman!

Love Angela

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