Friday, November 21, 2008

A sad day for us...Karlie's last session of Speech therapy with Mrs. Kate

Karlie and Mrs. Kate reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Today we had to say goodbye to a friend. Karlie's awesome Speech Therapist is relocating and we just finished our last session with Mrs. Kate. The children she will work with in Colorado will certainly be blessed, but i can't help feeling sad for our loss. Mrs. Kate worked wonderfully with Karlie for the last year and a half. She quickly gained her trust and communicated with her better than any other therapist at this point. She has shared brilliant ideas and was successfully teaching my little one how to communicate with eye gaze. Mrs. Kate was also instrumental in making sure Karlie has the opportunity to use a high tech eye gaze system, the My Tobii. Her bubbly attitude and caring hugs will surely be missed and the poor girl who follows will have some mighty big shoes to fill in Karlie's eyes!

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Brooklyn said...

Yeah!!! I did not know you were blogging! I am so excited! I am going to add Karlie's blog to Brooklyn's list of "Super Cool Rett Girls" :) I look forward to keeping up with the adorable Miss Karlie!!!

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