Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bummer...the Tobii mount has bad springs

Jon and i struggled a little putting the My Tobii
together last night because the screws were scattered all over the suitcase it comes in and the instructions were in Japanese, lol. Somehow we managed but something just wasn't right. No matter what we did, the screen would tilt down toward the table. I contacted tech support this morning and the springs are bad in the mount! So...we're trying to improvise by flipping the mount and resting it on the tabletop instead. It's close to working, but we can't get Karlie at the right angle to calibrate her eyes since we can't move the screen. At this point she's unable to use it, but we're still excited none the less. I'll have a extra two weeks to learn the programming and she'll have a little time to get used to it as well. I have to say, it's an unbelievable piece of equipment!


Jesus said...

You may wish to try the mount that DynaVox uses for their EyeMax. It is very versatile for positioning, and I believe that they assemble it for the customer before it ships. It may be worth contacting them. You may want to ask them for their child content as well to aid in Karlie's communication and literacy development.

Christopher said...

Hei. I am Chris from England. I am using the Tobii P10 and it is mounted to my weelchair. The company which produces it is from Canada and called Daessy ( I am very happy with it. No problems installing. I use a table mount as well, when I am editing my grids. Soon I will order a wall mount from daessy.
regards chris
ps. good luck

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