Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Karlie Grace!

Dad was in charge of the camera so we didn't get a lot of party pics, but some sweet ones none the less.
Karlie's pink cupcakes

I'm gonna cry if you don't give me cake!
Did you notice what my shirt says?

Ahhhh...finally. Cake is one of my favorite things!

See, cupcakes make me happy!

Pappaw, i'll bite your nose off if you don't get me more!

Four years ago i was preparing to give birth to my baby girl. She was scheduled to be delivered by c-section so we weren't anticipating any surprises. However, we woke up just a few days before she was to arrive to find more than two feet of snow on the ground and our area had been declared a state of emergency. Wind chill was estimated at -30 and in less than 24 hours a blizzard had left us with snow drifts that covered our windows. My mother had previously joked with me that since i had been born in the blizzard of 78, perhaps Karlie would make a grand arrival too of some sort. Does my mom have premonitions or what? lol
What should have been a half hour trip to the hospital turned into a two hour drive with the crazy road conditions but not even a natural disaster was going to stop Karlie Grace from completing our family! At 3:31 pm, four years ago today we were introduced to our beautiful baby girl. She weighed 6 pds 4 1/2 ozs and was 19 inches of pure joy! We had decided before her birth on her first name but Grace came to us when we seen her stunning little face. Granted, i copied off of Jerry McGuire, but i whispered in her complete me and i seen a little smile come across her face.
The next few days were such a time of joy for our family. We welcomed our little one home on New Years Eve and had the best celebration ever. Though we didn't have a clue what was in store for our future, my resolution was to be the best mom i could be and to not take the little things for granted.
Here i sit, four years later thinking back on those resolutions. I know God had a plan for me to be a mother, but i never dreamed it would be to a special angel. Was this his way of teaching me the full meaning of not taking the little things for granted? Since we received Karlie's Rett Syndrome diagnosis it seems like we always celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. After all, the little things really are the big things in life and make the sweetest memories.
Today is no different for me and my family. It's the day our angel came into this world. Nothing can compare to seeing a big grin spread across her face while her eyes light up the room and a giggle escapes as she gives me a big open mouthed kiss on the cheek! In her happy picture above, her shirt says "Most Likely to Change the World". It has been said that Rett Syndrome could possibly be the first neurological disorder to ever be cured. Could this really be our future? I pray that it is, for my sweet Karlie and thousands of other girls and boys across the nation. Since Karlie is not able to communicate a birthday wish, i'm gonna wish for her. It's a safe bet she would wish for nothing more than a cure and to be continued to be surrounded with love.
I have several other updates but i have a birthday girl waiting patiently for me at the moment. I think it's time for another round of celebration! Hugs and sloppy birthday kisses from Karlie!


Felt and Brandi said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little angel!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

It looks like you had a GREAT birthday Karlie and we LOVE your shirt!!
Big Hugs!!!

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