Monday, December 8, 2008

Hoooray!!! The My Tobii is here!!!

As you can see, we're pretty excited to have received the My Tobii today! For those of you who don't know, this is possibly Karlie's window to communication. Due to Rett Syndrome, she is unable to talk or use her hands, making nearly all tasks impossible. The My Tobii is an advanced eye gaze computer system that speaks when Karlie simply looks at her choice. Karlie first tried this amazing piece of equipment
in Chicago at the Rett Syndrome conference and then again in July. Immediately after, Kate (Bean's Speech Therapist) started the long process of paperwork so we could rent the My Tobii for two months. This is truly a remarkable moment for her to have access to such technology and i'm so happy it's finally here. She's still so young, but i think she'll catch on quickly. This could be a major life changing opportunity for all of us! Now, it will be up to me to supply all of her demands, lol. I can't wait to hear, "i want a drink, i want to eat, i want a drink, i want Elmo, i want to play"....the list goes on and on.
Here's a few more sweet shots of Miss Karlie. The lighting is terrible but who doesn't love the glow of Christmas lights?
I love her beautiful smile and eyes! This is Bean at her best! She's been in the best mood all day. I think she was happy that we stayed home waiting for the UPS man. She hung out in her room and watched movies but i guess i would prefer that over school too, lol.


Brooklyn said...

YAY! I can't wait to hear how she does with it!!!! And yes....BEAUTIFUL pictures of a BEATUIFUL little girl!!
Hugs from our part of Indiana.....

Avery said...

waiting patiently for video of ms. Karlie using her mytobii!

Our silent angel Victoria Rose said...

Kim you have done a fantastic job putting this together I love it. You are a very strong wonderful mother I admire the work you put in to all you do for your family you are a blessing to many. Karlie is blessed to have you as her mother...Jesus knew..Love in Christ Vickie

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